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Hi Paul,

I am extending a tentacle to offer a cosmic scale thank you for the sanity restorative effects of the Masks of Nyarlathotep campaign, which you helped update for 7th Edition. My group finished up in Kenya atop the Mountain of Black Wind a week ago. The players expressed their immense appreciation for having had a monthly park game session to look forward to throughout the bleakness of the global pandemic. Ironically the grisliness and depravity of the various cultist activity was hugely beneficial to players and their general mental health.

Thanks also for signing a copy of The Two Headed Serpent for Jason, the copy has reached my shelf here in Aichi. The campaign is joining the extended Harlem Unbound campaign at the top of the campaign shortlist. One shots are next before we return to extended campaign play. I will definitely run Full Fathom Five and possibly Dockside Dogs too, depending on how the era skipping between settings goes.



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It was a pleasure to meet you and to chat about our kids along with Ludo. Sounds like you had a great Con and I did too.

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What a great write up. You have to be one of the gentlest and most pleasant personalities in gaming! I’m glad you got to visit that part of my country--one of the better parts--and am sorely regretting I was unable to attend.

As for the proffered cash...eh. You probably would have made a flight on the next, as Logan is busy enough, but it’s always most attractive to simply head for the familiar hearths at the close of a trip to foreign lands. Sir Gawain would have done the same.

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Thanks Paul! It was an honor to have you in one of our games. Likewise it was great getting to play alongside you.

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