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My Little Sister Wants You to Suffer: a Call of Cthulhu scenario

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My Little Sister is a futuristic, one-shot Call of Cthulhu adventure for three to six players. More…

The investigators awaken to find themselves aboard a spaceship travelling away from Earth. How did they get here? The ship is not a safe environment, and the investigators face numerous challenges. As the investigators explore the ship, the players open sealed envelopes to reveal flashes of memory. Ultimately, through their suffering, they discover the truth.

Full Fathom Five: a Call of Cthulhu scenario

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Taking inspiration from Moby Dick, Full Fathom Five puts the players aboard a whaling vessel in 1847. As the ship sails across the Pacific Ocean strange and terrible events unfold. You’ve been at sea for 13 months. There’s salt in your beard, and weevils in your biscuits!

The scenario is intended for four to six players, with advice included for running with fewer (all the way down to one Keeper and one player). The game usually runs in a single intense session of play. More…

"Playing in this scenario was, no exaggeration, among the best Call of Cthulhu games I ever got to play in." - Keeper Chad of the Miskatonic University Podcast.

Dockside Dogs: a Call of Cthulhu scenario

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This was supposed to be a simple heist. A group of well-dressed criminals arrive at a warehouse after pulling off an extraordinary crime. They know each other only by their pseudonyms - Mister Black, Mister Red, Mister Green, Mister Purple, Mister Beige and Mister Silver. The plan is simply to sit tight until midnight when someone will arrive to ferry them - and the loot - across the bay to make a final delivery to the boss. Sounds easy, right? But things take a turn for the weird; strange things happen in and around the warehouse. Things which make the criminals doubt the allegiances of the compatriots, their own sanity, and ultimately the very nature of reality. It is going to be a long wait for the ferryman.

Dockside Dogs is a modern-day, one-shot scenario for Call of Cthulhu for three to six players. The previous edition of this scenario was a Platinum seller on DrivethruRPG. This new, updated version has been thoroughly revised, and includes a choice appearance/gender for each investigator. More…

“Anybody who is familiar with Paul's previous published scenarios will know that his work is extremely imaginative and, dare I say it, genre-expanding (certainly mind-expanding). This scenario has all those same hallmarks.” - dce